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Cost: $23,248 Tuition, $8,300 Room and Board
Size: Less than 2,700
Type: 4 Year Private University
Location: Nashville
Degrees offered: Associate, Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral
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Founded in 1901, Trevecca Nazarene University is a fully accredited, comprehensive institution of higher education located in Nashville, Tennessee. Trevecca intends that its graduates be socially-conscious, globally-aware, and actively-engaged individuals who are developing holistically in the cognitive, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual areas of being. The university provides a variety of face to face and distance education nontraditional and continuing education professional programs at the undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral levels. 

No matter which academic major you choose, you are likely to begin your course of undergraduate study in the School of Arts and Sciences because many of the liberal arts courses required for graduation are offered in this School. These courses become a foundation for the rest of your college experience—and the rest of your life. As you seek God’s best plan for the future, many of you will discover your calling in one of the disciplines within the School of Arts and Sciences. With over 600 undergraduate students in 55 academic majors and 9 pre-professional programs, the School of Arts and Sciences is the largest and most diverse school on campus. The majority of courses in the School of Arts and Sciences are taught by full-time, highly qualified faculty members who care not only about their disciplines, but also about you as a student and person. The size of upper-division courses is small so you get to know both your faculty members and your classmates. The School sponsors a wide variety of educational opportunities, including an undergraduate research symposium, career-building internships, international study opportunities, service learning projects, interdisciplinary programs, senior recitals, and capstone projects. These opportunities stimulate intellectual curiosity while preparing you for a fulfilling career and future graduate study.

Student Life

The mission of student development is to provide a community environment that is beneficial to growth and development of students in all areas of their college experience. It is our desire to take a proactive position in establishing this community where Biblical values and Christian perspective are prevailing. Knowing and understanding student needs and our positive response to those needs is a high priority.

Trevecca's mission is for students to grow and mature as people of faith. That mission is woven into the fabric of the Trevecca experience: courses which help students to discern their life calling and vocation; professors who help them grapple with what it means to be a person of faith in their area of study; mentors and friends who pray with them and walk alongside them on their faith journey. Trevecca is intentional about providing opportunities for students to be formed into Christlikeness and believes these practices are ways the grace of God is poured into their lives, preparing them for a life of leadership in and service to our world.

Trevecca provides multiple opportunities to get out and get involved in something bigger than yourself. For instance, SGA: The Trevecca Student Government Assembly (SGA) is a group of students elected to represent student interests within the Trevecca community. RHA: Residence Hall Association helps to provide opportunities for you to learn leadership skills, grow spiritually, and develop holistically while you are on campus. Futuro: The Futuro TNU Chapter is about engaging Middle Tennessee Latino college students in four areas of professional development: leadership training, networking, community service, and social activities. And there are many others!

International Student Testimonials

“Namaste is dedicated to help transition international students to the American culture by offering all types of support in the area of education, money, health issues, and spiritual teaching.”

As an international student, I have felt very welcomed at Trevecca and it's been a life changing experience that I will cherish all my life.  -Prachi

I'm grateful to be attending Trevecca because there is a sense of community, even for students like me and I wouldn't change it for anything. -Mariana

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