Here at Rhodes, on our large, wooded campus in the heart of historic Midtown Memphis, students and faculty comprise a community unmatched in its dedication to lifelong learning and a life of honor.

At A Glance:

Cost: $47,890 tuition; $11,403 room and board
Size: Enrollment is fewer than 2,500 students
Type: 4-year private college
Location: Memphis
Degrees offered: Bachelors, Masters
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The classroom experience at Rhodes is intimate and rigorous. We value the kind of engaging dialogue that arises when students and professors work together to investigate questions and problems they care about. We believe in the power of the personal relationship between professor and student. The professors at Rhodes are scholars by example, and they believe the academic experience should be an intellectual journey for everyone involved. Our faculty work closely with students — in and out of the classroom — to challenge them to find their passion for knowledge, express themselves creatively, and discover the person they want to become.

In our dynamic learning environment, a stray thought can spark a new insight and have a transformative impact on the entire class. Both students and professors are always at a crossroads in our small-class setting, collaboratively deciding where to go and where to stop, how to navigate and how to detour, and how to close the distance between a topic and the people discussing it.

Rhodes supplements an amazing classroom, laboratory and fine arts performance experience with an experiential learning program that prepares our students for lives of intellectual promise, leadership, service to others, and enriching work. Each Rhodes student has the opportunity to demonstrate the relevance of their liberal arts education and prepare themselves for the future through an array of experiential options.

Student Life

More than 80 percent of Rhodes students are involved in volunteerism throughout the Memphis community, and the college was ranked #1 on Newsweek’s “Most Service-Oriented” list of colleges for two years in a row. The Laurence F. Kinney Program oversees Rhodes’ campus-wide effort to engage all students in service and social action in Memphis and the broader community. And the college’s Bonner Center for Faith and Service partners with more than 100 non-profit and governmental agencies in the greater Memphis area to provide in-depth service experiences for our students.

It’s no accident that Rhodes students are involved in more than 100 student organizations on campus. We intentionally seek students who are involved in the world around them, and desire to learn from and contribute to their community.

You would have to see it to believe it - Rhodes is #1 in the US for "Most Beautiful Campus," as ranked by the Princeton Review. Read about the many ways that Rhodes is nationally ranked.

International Students

International Student Testimonials

At Rhodes, education means that everyone has time for you - whether it's to re-explain something, just to touch base with you or even just to grab lunch with you...I know I will never forget the warmth and happiness that makes up the Rhodes community. -Evie, Scotland

Rhodes is big in community service. I enjoy serving the community at the Refugee Empowerment Program. Because of Rhodes' commitment to community service, I have been inspired to establish a new UNA-USA GenUN chapter. I am very privileged to get a holistic education in a diverse and historic city like Memphis. -Seabelo, Botswana

If I had decided to pursue a degree elsewhere, I don't think I would have received the kind of care and attention from my professors as at a small liberal arts school like Rhodes. I have become more open minded from experiencing cultures that I would not have experienced before. I have been exposed to a bit of everything and so I know that the field of study that I chose is one that I truly have a passion for. -Ted, Taiwan

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