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Cost: $11,400 tuition; $8,000 room and board
Size: Enrollment is between 60-70 students per term
Type: English Language School
Location: Nashville
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Our mission is to teach English with excellence and love to speakers of other languages in a friendly atmosphere and to serve as a bridge between cultures. Your teachers care about all aspects of your academic progress and will get to know you so they can know how to best help you. With our small class sizes (average 8 students per class), we do our best to help you learn English while using modern educational technologies, including SMART boards. While you are here, you will receive personalized attention from teachers and staff, so that we can help you reach your goals.

Throughout IEI’s program, grammar support classes help build student awareness and competence in using and understanding English structure. Vocabulary development is addressed in all courses and at all levels. Find out more about our curriculum here (

IEI was founded in 1977, making it one of the oldest in Tennessee. We work closely with area universities: Vanderbilt, Belmont, Tennessee State, Middle Tennessee State, and Lipscomb. We are accredited by CEA and we are members of English USA.

Student Life

IEI students, faculty and staff regularly enjoy trips as a part of the class, like to Lane Motor Museum or the Nashville Farmer’s Market, or just for fun, like a river boat ride and end of term party on lake.  We celebrate holidays together with dinners and parties.  We know that you need to experience American culture and customs in order to maximize your learning experience.

At IEI, we have space for you to study, eat, talk and relax.  We have vending machines, hot tea and coffee, and refrigerators for you to use.  The whole school is equipped with free wifi.  There is an outdoor picnic area as well as two indoor lounge areas.  We also have a computer lab for you to use. 

Nashville is a great place to live, study, work and play.  You will find lots of historical sites, botanical parks and gardens, great parks for the kids, and all the music you can handle!  It is not a huge city, so it is safe and manageable.  We think you’ll love it here!

Housing: Many area hotels and apartments are available for reasonable rates.  Please email Adia ( for a list of hotels or apartments. We will place you with a host family if you would like an opportunity to live with an American for more options to practice English and learn local culture. Learn more about housing (  Submit your housing application ( at least 2 weeks before arrival!

Cultural Orientation: You have a lot to learn!  We’ll do our best to help you.  Your first week here, we’ll teach you about:

  • adjusting to life in Nashville

  • academic standards

  • staying “in status” with the US Government

  • getting a bank account (even take you to get one, if you want!)

  • how to use public transportation

  • getting a Tennessee Drivers License

  • and a lot more!

International Students

International Student Testimonials

IEI conscientiously takes care of all students, such as hosts, transportation and a circle of friends. When I first came to Nashville, I had no idea how to arrange for a new life with my family (wife and 8 months baby). Allison gave us a lot of advice and support to set up. We’ll never forget her kindness. After going to IEI, I took a master’s degree program from a famous university and also took a class from the English language institute of this university. I am satisfied with the master’s degree program, however I thought that IEI’s service and quality were much better than this one. IEI’s mission is totally different from other language institutes. IEI’s mission is not only teaching English, but also loving students in a friendly atmosphere and helping them to become like a bridge between cultures. I’m waiting for your joining our IEI!!          
-Rikuhei, Japan

I have been studying in this school for over 6 months and I owe a lot for everything that I have learned here. IEI doesn't only teach English, but here I could also learn a lot about American culture.  At IEI you are able to have contact with students from many different countries over the world and make friends from places around that you couldn't have imagined that you would have.  Living in a homestay gave me the opportunity to improve my English even faster and easier.  I have a lot to thank IEI and all its staff.  Thanks
-Joao, Brazil

I really love speaking about IEI, it is the most wonderful place I have studied English ever. When I decided to come here making a new life. Even though I could barely speak in English, IEI opened the doors to get a lot of English knowledge, I recommend a lot to you that if you can come to Nashville looking for a best place to study English as a second language, please do not hesitate to go to IEI, people right there, are absolutely awesome and its methodology is phenomenal. Thanks Allison and IEI's staff.
-Yecid, Colombia

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