It's Complicated

February is the month of celebrating love. In elementary schools everywhere, children will be giving cards to their classmates and having Valentine’s Day parties. It is a good time of year for candy companies and jewelry stores as lovers shop for engagement rings and anniversary trinkets. But love is a complicated thing, isn’t it? Besides romantic love, we have love for our families and countries. And we value our time and possessions. It is hard when we love people but can’t be with them. Or we depend on people who disappoint us. How do you deal with these things?


If you are interested in what makes people “tic” or if you want to help them sort through their relationships and gain self-confidence, then you might look at taking psychology classes during your time as a student. Even if you do not want to be a psychologist, it is likely that you will take a psychology class at some point. Psychology can be highly theoretical, yet many programs focus on practical applications. Many different fields make use of psychological principles as part of a broader understanding of their subjects, including law and business. Some schools have programs geared toward the health sciences; some concentrate in educational and child or school psychology; while others focus on economic patterns and how psychology affects the workplace.


In the United States, you must have at least a Master’s degree in Psychology in order to practice in the mental health field. Each state has its own licensure requirements. Here are some licensure requirements in TN. Tennessee has specializations in Behavioral Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and School Psychology.