Tennessee Hospitality


As the temperature dips and the leaves turn color, people’s thoughts turn to comfort foods and cozy, family settings. The holidays are a busy time, especially for those in what is called the hospitality industry which includes a variety of concentrations such as food service, hotel management, and tourism. The United States relies heavily on its service industries and the International Student Guide says that it has the best hospitality schools in the world.

This field needs someone who loves to interact with the public and is willing to work hard, yet stay creative and have fun. It is also a field in which a good understanding of business practices will help you advance. UT – Knoxville recognizes the intimate connection between business and hospitality. Aside from Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management, you can major in Retail and Consumer Science. Carson-Newman University also has a broad major, Consumer Services that will allow you to go into a variety of fields, including fund-raising. Product managers and sales representatives need to understand how consumers behave because retail suppliers also needs to draw shoppers to their stores and give them a good buying experience. Lipscomb University has a Hospitality and Entertainment Management program in their George Shinn College of Entertainment and the Arts. Hospitality overlaps with many different fields of study. They encourage collaboration with those in artistic fields. Southwest Tennessee Community College has 3 associates available as part of hospitality management: Hotel Management, Restaurant Management, Culinary Arts, each one giving you a very practical, job-ready education. Maryville College takes a different path and specializes in Outdoor Studies and Tourism. If you are interested helping people find outdoor adventure as well as promoting environmental conservation, this school is designed for you.

Each of these schools are conveniently located near centers of the industry from which you may find internship opportunities.