Applying for Admission to a Tennessee School

So you have found an American college or university that you want to attend and you are ready to apply for admission. This is an exciting time! However, you want to be sure you are taking the correct steps. Below are some useful bits of advice for applying for admission as an international student:

Apply early

Be sure to apply well before the deadline. You need time to request transcripts and other required documents.

Contact the admissions office

This should be your first step. Before you submit an application form, contact the school’s admissions office and ask for a description of the admissions process. Most colleges and universities have different requirements for international applicants. Admissions staff will provide you with the correct application forms, admissions requirements, deadlines, and any other necessary information.

Ask for help early and often

Contact the admissions office any time you are not sure how to complete a portion of the application or fulfill an admissions requirement. Ask your questions the moment you need help. If you wait, you risk missing deadlines. Finally, while you may want to talk with someone over the phone, do not underestimate the value of email. If the admissions office sends information in an email, you will be able to refer to it later.

Learn document requirements

Find out what type of documentation the admissions office requires. For example, some schools may accept transcripts through email. Others require official paper transcripts that are sent directly from the school that issued them. If you do not meet the admissions office’s standards for documents, you may not be considered for admission.

Ask about scholarships

Be sure to ask about scholarship opportunities and scholarship application deadlines. Some scholarships may have application deadlines that come before the admissions deadline. If you don’t ask early about scholarships, you might miss opportunities.

Additional recommendations

-Enter your name on the application form the same way that it appears on your transcripts or other academic documents. If the name on your transcript does not match the name on your application, the admissions office may not know the transcript is yours.

-Apply early. Most schools have an earlier admissions deadline for international students.

-Check with the school before emailing transcripts or test scores. Many schools do not accept them through email.