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Cost: $15,764 tuition; $9,198 room and board
Size: Enrollment is fewer than 5,000 students
Type: 4-year private university
Location: McKenzie
Degrees offered: Associates, Bachelors, Masters
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The learning community at Bethel University extends its mission to all persons who seek development of the whole person and who would choose to pursue this aspiration through Bethel University. The learning community of Bethel University includes undergraduate students in traditional and non-traditional programs, graduate students, faculty, staff, the local community, and the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. 

Intellectual development focuses on the cognitive aspect of the human; cognitive development incorporates analysis, critical reflection, and synthesis of knowledge of multiple disciplines. Social development focuses on the effective and behavioral aspects of the human; social development incorporates the ability to interact and communicate with other humans with civility and tolerance. Physical development focuses on the corporeal aspect of the human; physical development incorporates respect for the body as integral to the cognitive, social, and spiritual dimension of the human experience. Spiritual development focuses on the metaphysical aspect of the human; spiritual development incorporates the ideas of faith, morality, and practice. 

Student Life

The Cumberland Presbyterian Church believes that the reason we exist is to glorify God and to enjoy the Lord forever. Glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is not just a task that should be restricted to one area of our lives. At Bethel University, we strive to help students obtain their educational, religious, physical, and social goals in a Christian environment.

The friendships you form in college often last for a lifetime. In this setting, you will have an opportunity to meet other Christian students from all over the world. Please come explore the possibilities that the Lord may be calling you to at Bethel University. Then together let us boldly go into the future glorifying our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as educated and faithful disciples.

Students who live on campus have a better understanding of Bethel's cultural, social, recreational and spiritual opportunities. They can also better focus on excelling academically since everything they need is conveniently located right on campus.

At Bethel, you will find the opportunity to join various student organizations, intramural sporting events, Greek life activities and/or participate in one of the Athletic, Community Service or Performing Arts programs we offer scholarships for.;;

International Students

International Student Testimonials

Bethel University is a school where people come from many places around the world to merge, live in harmony, and build a strong legacy. The special aspect about it is that though students may have different cultural identities, and customs, that still does not keep them from mingling and living in a loving atmosphere.
-Alioune, Senegal

I love the learning environment, the multicultural atmosphere, and the way the teachers connect with the students. McKenzie is a small city but an amazing place where young people can come and receive one of the best educations in the USA.
-Erry, Haiti

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